A Brief Introduction to Foreign Cooperation and Exchange of Anshun Vocational and Technical College

In recent years, the spirit of “quality, innovation, characteristics, service” has guided Vocational and Technical College of Anshun to make every effort to promote exchanges and cooperation with universities internationaly. Teachers have been organized to study and exchange in the United States, Singapore, Britain, Germany, Russia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Nepal and other countries. The college has signed agreements on academic exchanges with China University of technology and HungKuang University in Taiwan. Actively engaged in the "Confucius Institute Project" of the Provincial Department of Education, the college has sent some teachers to participate in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Nepal. At the same time, experts, leaders, teachers and students from universities and educational institutions in different countries and regions such as the United States, France, Germany, New Zealand, Korea, Japan and Taiwan have visited our college and exchanged ideas with us for many times.

The college has always been committed to improving students’ international literacy and personality development. In the past three years, more than 60 outstanding students have been selected to participate in the credit exchange program in China University of technology, HungKuang University and Fooyin University in Taiwan. During that time, the students had outstanding performance and their professional skills was dramatically improved. Besides, some of the students got the design prize in Gaoxiong, and some obtained the international certificate of photography and the tourist certificate in Taiwan,etc. Not only did they get the new knowledge and skills, but also the comprehensive quality was improved. Some of them have become industry elites after graduating from college; some have become backbone employees; some start their own businesses. They contributed profusely to the economic prosperity. In addition, dozens of teachers and students from China University of technology and Fooyin University also came to our college for exchange and study. The cultural exchange strengthened the cross-Strait cooperation and promoted mutual benefit in education, which has been highly recognized by the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and provincial and municipal Taiwan Affairs Offices.

Vocational and Technical College of Anshun was an active participator in the “China-Asean Vocational Education Week” forum, Eco Forum Global, China-Central and Eastern European Education Policy (Ministerial) Dialogue, China-Central and Eastern European University Alliance Annual Conference, China Vocational Education International Cooperation Summit and other international and domestic education forum summits. Strengthening educational cooperation with domestic and foreign higher vocational colleges enhances the impact of the college. The college joined in Guizhou Educational Association for International Exchange in January, 2018, and participated in China-Central and Eastern Europe Union of Universities in May.

With the development of external exchange, the college will step up the cooperation in education, following up the opening policy in education. Meanwhile, The scope of exchanges is expanded and the advanced international curriculum standards are introduced as well. The college carries out Sino-foreign cooperation, recruit foreign students, introduces teachers, language training and other projects, and establish overseas training bases, which will enhance our education to a new level in all dimensions.

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