Welcome to Anshun


Welcome to Anshun

I  Anshun Overview

Anshun, with the meaning of prosperity and peace, has various reputations, such as the home to the waterfalls, the culture of Tunpu and the Batik, the beauty of the west of Guizhou, being a valuable palace of living, working and traveling. It has jurisdiction over Xixiu District, Pingba District, Puding County, Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Ziyun Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Anshun Economic and Technological Development Zone and Huangguoshu Tourist Area. It covers an area of 9,267 square kilometers, and has a population of 3 million.

With the superior location and convenient transportation, Anshun is located in the western part of Guizhou Province,which is only 90 kilometers away from the provincial capital, Guiyang. Known as the belly of Guizhou, the throat of Yunnan, the lips and teeth of Sichuan and Guangdong, Anshun is an important growth pole of the economic zone of the central area in Guizhou Province, also an important city of the central Guizhou urban agglomeration. As the fast and convenient area of the province's transportation, Anshun is traversed by the Shanghai-Kunming expressway and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway. In Anshun, every county has the highways and every village has asphalt roads.There are three stations of Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway in Anshun-- Pingba South, Anshun West and Guanling. Huangguoshu airport has opened more than 10 routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Qingdao,etc. Located in Beipanjiang, the upper reaches of the Zhujiang River, Bacao Wharf of Zhenning can directly get access to the river and sea.

Anshun has beautiful sceneries and pleasant climate.The scenic areas of the city account for more than 12% of the total, which is much higher than the national 1% and the proportion of 4.2% in Guizhou Province. With the tourism industry occupying the leading position in Guizhou, Anshun is the earliest open city for tourism, the excellent tourism city, the most beautiful city and one of the top ten leisure cities with Chinese characteristics. There are two first batch national-class 5A tourist areas--Huangguoshu Waterfalls and Dragon Palace, seven national 4A tourist areas-- Getu River, Yelang Hole, Historic Town of Jiuzhou, Historic Town of Tianlong, Eight villages in Yunfeng, Xingwei Stone Expo Garden and Vientiane City, and other provincial scenic spots --Guanling National Geopark of Paleontology, Jiulongshan National Forest Park, Huajiang Canyon, Yelang Lake and Tesla River and so on. With blue sky, picturesque sceneries and clean surroundings, the air quality rate maintains 99.8% all year round, which is named a natural big oxygen bar; the average annual temperature is 14.2 , and the period of comfortable temperature for the whole year lasts eight months, being a natural air conditioning. Anshun is the best livable city and the most potential summer tourist city in China.

Anshun has a long history and profound culture. It is one of the earliest ancient cities in Guizhou Province to establish county jurisdiction. With the history of more than 630 years and profound cultural connotations, this place is a famous historical and cultural city in Guizhou Province. It has unique historical and cultural relics such as piercing culture, Yelang culture, Zangke culture, Tunpu culture and so on. And it has the ancient human cultural relics of piercing culture in Puding County which is known as the civilization light of Asia; the Red Cliff a Book from Heaven in Guanling County which is named the mystery of ages; the only Tunpu village in the world’” in Ming Dynasty; the Anshun opera, known as the living fossil of Chinese drama and Anshun batik, having the name of the best batik of the East. Anshun is a multi-ethnic community with 43 ethnic minorities, accounting for 39% of the household registration population. It has distinctive, rich and simple ethnic customs. Anshun is the hometown of Wang Ruofei, the elder generation of proletarian revolutionists of the Communist Party of China and one of the 100 heroic model figures who have made outstanding contributions to the founding of New China, and the home of Gu Zhenglun, Gu Zhenggang and Gu Zhengding, the three brothers of the Gu family who stands Committee of the Central Committee of the Kuomintang Party of China.

Anshun is rich in resources and has a sound industrial base. It has a large coal reserves and abundant hydropower resources. With the water-fire mutual benefit, it is the important energy base of China and one of the main power points of West-to-East Power Transmission project. With abundant mineral resources, such as lead-zinc ore, bauxite, barite, marble and so on, it is an important production and trade gathering area of stone and building materials in southwest of China. There are diverse biological resources, thus it is the key area of national natural forest protection and ecology construction, the main producing area of Guizhou s traditional medicine, the largest nations production area of Miao medicine. The equipment manufacturing industry has a solid foundation and it is an important aviation industrial city and the important base of aviation, precision instruments, machinary products, and the production of automobiles and its parts during the period of three-line construction. Therefore, it has huge potential of developing civil-military integration. There are many platforms for industrial development. The industrial estates, like national Anshun high-tech zone, national high-tech industrial base of civil aviation industry, Xixiu industrial park and Puding circular economy industrial base, have formed a scale.

Anshun has the courage to open up and innovate. It has always been an important commercial town in Guizhou Province, known as the prosperity of commerce, the first of province since Ming and Qing Dynasties. With benefits of the reform and opening up policy, this city is the birthplace of Dingyun experience of the contract responsibility system. It is known as north Fengyang, South Dingyun, and it is the home of the Tangyue experience of deepening rural reform in the new period. A number of well-known enterprises such as Bailing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hongxing Development Co., Ltd. have become models of reform and opening up and foreign exchange and cooperation. A new pattern of all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging opening-up in Anshun is gradually taking shape.

In recent years, Anshun has won the titles of the nominated city of the National Civilized City, the National Health city, the National Double Support Model City, the Civilized City of Guizhou Province, the Garden City of Guizhou Province, and the Ping An City of Guizhou Province. China has successfully approved one of the first batch of new comprehensive pilot cities for urbanization, the establishment of the first batch of national tourism demonstration areas, the first rural financial and credit city in China, the first batch of comprehensive demonstration areas for general aviation industries, the National high-tech industrial development zones, the second batch of pilot city for ecological restoration and the only demonstration area for water conservancy targeted poverty alleviation in rocky desertification area jointly built by provinces and departments in China.

In 2017, the citys GDP reached 80.246 billion yuan, an increase of 12.3%.  

In terms of industries, the added value of the primary industry was 13.57 billion yuan, increasing by 6.7%; the secondary was 26.782 billion yuan, up 12.1%; the tertiary reached 39.894 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2%. The industrial structure of the three industries was adjusted from 17.7:32.4:49.9 in the previous year to 16.9:33.4:49.7. The per capital GDP of the city was 34,345 yuan, rising by 11.5 %.

Standing at a new historical starting point, Anshun will vigorously implement the three major strategic actions of big poverty alleviation, big data, big ecology in accordance with the general outline of keeping the bottom line, taking new roads, and heading for a well-off society, highlighting the two major priorities of military and civilian integration and all-for-one tourism. We will make every effort to create new demonstration areas for urbanization with mountain characteristics and concentrate on developing and building a rich, new and stable economy, winning the fight against poverty in a decisive way and starting a new future with a well-to-do society in all respects.

II  Tourist Attractions

1、5A National Scenic Spot------Huangguoshu Waterfall

Located in southwest of Guizhou province, Huangguoshu National Park of China is 128 km from Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province, and 38 km from Anshun, a tourist center city in West China. YunnanGuizhou Railway, Zhuzhou--Liupanshui II Track Railway, National Road 320, QingzhengHuangguoshu Expressway pass through the whole scenic spot. The park centers at Huangguoshu Waterfall (height: 77.8m, width: 101.0m) and is scatted with 18 waterfalls of varied sizes, some precipitous and majestic, others picturesque and fantastic. All the waterfalls form a great family, which is ranked as the largest in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records.The giant Huangguoshu Waterfall is the most magnificent member in the family and the only waterfall that can be viewed from above, below, front, back, left and right in the world. It is also with a water curtain cave in the back through which tourists can hear, view and touch the waterfall. The great Ming traveler Xu Xiake, when investigating the waterfall, remarked, the sprays burst apart like pearls and jades and the foams rise like a mist. The waterfall is with such a momentum that even the couplet a screen of pearl released from hooks / or silk that hangs on faraway peaks cannot describe to the full its majesty. I have seen waterfalls that are much higher and more precipitous, but never a waterfall with such a width and magnificent.

Centering at Huangguoshu Waterfall Resort, the huangguoshu National Park of China encompasses such resorts as Stone Village. Tianxing Bridge, Dripping Shoal, Balinghe River Valley with the site of the ancient post path, Doupotang, and Langgong,etc. It is among the first batch of national key scenic spots and of AAAA resorts ranked by the government. The resort has been successively designated as the national popular science education base, National, and Most Charming Tourist Resort in West China. In 2005, it was ranked as the most beautiful place in China by Chinese National Geography, 10 Tourist Resorts of Customer Satisfaction in China by Peoples Daily, and 10 European Tourists Favorite Resorts in China. etc.

The Galaxy Waterfall

The Galaxy Waterfall is located on the left side above the Waterborne Stone Forest in Tianxing Resort. Among the waterfalls in Huangguoshu, it stands out not for its width or height, but for its countless branches and plaintive sound. Tourists often linger here and forget to return. The waterfall is only over 10 meters high, with the upper part shaped like a funnel, and the pond in the bottom like a trough. The stone bumps above the pond are like upside-down lotus leaves that cover each other, and the river is spread on each such leave like thousands of silver chains of various sizes. The stream falls down to the deep pond slowly and gracefully, producing an endless, plaintive sound.

Dripping Shoal

Dripping Shoal is located 8 km west to Huangguoshu Waterfall. It is famous for its height, majesty, beauty and mystery. It is the highest among the waterfalls in Huangguoshu National Park. It is a deep valley with two opposing precipitous mountains on its sides, namely, east is Dapoding and west is Guansuoling. The overall height of the waterfall is 410 meters, six times as many as Huangguoshu Waterfall. The lowest is 134 meters, majestic. Viewed from afar, the waterfall is like a celestial lady in white that lifts her dress and runs airily from the high rocks. At times her dress seems to tighten up, setting out her slender waist, and at times her dress spreads out with a certain natural, unrestrained grace.  

Phoenix Garden and Doupotang Waterfall

Located 1 km from the upper reaches of Huangguoshu Waterfall, Doupotang Waterfall is 105 meters wide in the top and 21 meters high. It is the widest in the top among all the waterfalls in the park. On the top of the waterfall is a large water-eroded pool covering an area of 15,000 square meters, and the waterfall is formed on the calcified bay that is over 100 meters long. There is another special phenomenon in the scenic spot, that is, the waterfall will produce a rumbling noise every year before the flood comes, hence the name roaring waterfall.

In 2005, Doupotang Waterfall was added with fishing and bird-viewing (of peacocks) facilities, etc, and the Phoenix Garden was built into the resort zone featuring numerous beautiful flowers and birds.

Tianxing Resort

Tianxing Resort is a fully developed zone in Huangguoshu National Park. The planned area of the resort is 7 square km. The resort is integrated with mountains, waters, forests and caves, featuring dense stalagmites, lush forests, and limpid water. The characterstics of Huangguoshu Waterfall is magnificent, Tianxing Resort is exquisite beauty. As the saying goes, the water runs over the stones, and the stones crouch over the water. There are stones over stones with trees growing on top of them. The summary of Tianxing Resorts charm. There is divided into 3 interconnected parts, namely, Tianxingpen Resort, Tianxingdong Resort, and Waterborne Stone Forest Zone.

Stone Village Resort

Along the way from Anshun westward to Huangguoshu Waterfall, you can see houses upon houses made of stones. The owners of the houses are mostly Buyi people. No bricks or tiles can be seen in the entire village, as people build walls, passages, bridges, perches on the hills, and even domestic utensils including pestles, mills, bowls, troughs, and jars, etc, are all made of stones. It is a stone world.

National 5A Tourist Spot- the Dragon Palace

The Dragon Palace is located in the west of Guizhou Province. The traffic is very convenient no matter where you set off-either from the provincial capital-Guiyang, the location of scenic spot Anshun or from the direction of Yunnan. The highways are through total travel.

The location of the Dragon Palace is next to the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall Resort. They both contribute to the construction of the Golden Tour Route of Guizhou. There are two reasons why we call it Golden Tour Route. First, the Dragon Palace and Huangguoshu Water Fall are well-known both home and abroad.The resources of the two spots are complementary and support each other. Second, this route is at the top of the traveling industry in Guizhou. It has the most visitors till now and its facilities are the best. Its also the earliest to develop among all the viewpoints of Guizhou. It plays the same role as Guilin in Guangxi, Jiuzaigou in Sichuan, and Zhangjiajie in Yunnan.

The Dragon Palace has the lowest rate of natural radiation metering in the world. If you come here, you can avoid a lot of radiation. Living here for a long time is good to your health. You can get air with lots of negative oxygen ion, as if you were in a forest whose coverage up to 90%. You wont feel cold in winter or hot in summer, and the temperature seldom goes up to over 30°C in hot summer. Because of the big difference in temperature between day and night, you can still feel cool after the heat of a hot day. Its a good place to keep your lungs clean. Youll find your air-condition, sunscreen cream and breathing mask are useless here. The Dragon Palace is the back yard garden of the Southwest as well as the summer resort for people of the whole country.

The Dragon Palace, as the major national spot and highest level scenic spot of the country, has highly talented landscape resources such as Five Most and One Special. The real magnificent scenery of the Dragon Palace can be described as: It is stones that make the beautiful scenery of the Dragon Palace. It is water that forms rivers and waterfalls. Two world records are given to the spot, one is for the drought karst caves which are the most in number and those are the most centralized. The other is for the lowest natural radiations. The Palace also has many marvelous karst views, the most popular of them are:

The first is the underground river cave which is praised as "the most beautiful river cave in China" by tourists. It is 15 kms deep,and is the deepest in China. At present, two sections have been opened to the tourists, which are 1260 meters long. In the cave, stalactites are in various forms. Compared with the caves in northern part of China,they are more refined and delicate,and with the ones in southern part of China are more mysterious and peculiar. The structure of the cave is like the palace of the king dragon in the fairy tale. It is called "the underground Lijiang River and the Stone Forest in the heaven". The other caves of the same kind of scenic spots which have been found in China is incomparable to the value of  the cave scenery. The poet Aiqiong called it "the big miracle of the nature", and the paint master Liu Haili called it "the Wonder of the China or the world". The specialists marveled at it,"visit the Dragon Palace and you will know the river caves in China or the world; drive a boat and see the fairyland on the earth. There is a poet says, the mountain is famous not because of its height but the immortal on it; the river is not because of its depth, but the dragon in it. Dragon Palace is such kind of paradise on the earth.

The second is the temple in the cave-Guanyin Cave. Covered more than 20,000 square meters totally,its biggest feature is that all of its halls are natural caves. There are 32 artificial figures of Buddha, and the figure Guanyin is 12.6 metes high. In the main hall, a natural stalactite looks like Guanyin stands there. The artificial and natural figures can not be distinguished. The most famous mountains are almost well-known because of the monks, but the natural cave is rare, let alone its scale is the largest in China.

The third is the largest waterfall in the cave-the Flying Waterfall of Dragon Boat . Its height is over 50 meters, and the width is 26 meters. The water gashes out as if it will drill the mountain apart and split the rocks, and it is so powerful that it seems like thousands of horses are running,which is so splendid. The next astonished scenic spot is the world-famous Huangguoshu waterfall which is 30kms away from here.

The forth is the marvellous spectacle Rotating Lake where the mountain does not rotate but the water. It's a round lake whose area is over 10,000 squire meters. Without wind,it rotates clockwise,day and night,year by year,restlessly. The scene is rare,with which the visitors are enchanted. The program Approaching Science from Science and Education channel of CCTV had explored and broadcast it.

Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Spot covers an total area of 60 square kilometers. It is dotted with beautiful and miraculous sceneries. Besides the five most and the one special, stone forest, peaks, canyons, rivers, cliffs, and other various karst geological landscape are shown here densely. Entering the Dragon Palace just likes visiting the karst museum and open an karst painting like Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. The overground and underground sceneries, the inside and outside cave views appear in turn, which dazzle  the visitors and make them forget leaving.

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